🔗 Link Between Tables

Create link between different tables in your app

Creating links between tables is now easily done in the Field Settings for the target table. The links can also be managed and subsequent Lookups or Roll-ups created in the Field Settings for the target table.

If you have links in your Airtable base this will still show up as normal.

For Google sheets, all fields come in as text and you have to change the field type manually.

To manage these fields, highlight any table and click on app settings, then choose fields.

There are three options when creating new fields:

  • Link to another record - This will find a related record in another table to link.

  • Lookup related value - display the value of a field from a related record.

  • Roll-up related records - summarize data from records that are linked to the particular table.

Linking to another record means there must be fields in each table that contains something that will match, for example email addresses.

Links, Lookups and Roll-ups are synthetic Stacker-only fields - they will not appear in your data source.