Create links between tables

Example use case

Here we have a table of design projects and we want to link the design projects according to the relevant client.

You can choose to add a new link directly from the fields settings on the target table:

In the fields section for the design projects table, click on + Add field. Here you will see a list of options in the menu, select link to another record.

There will be a list of options, we suggest naming fields so that they are memorable to what records you are linking to.

  • Choose the field name

  • Choose which table you want to link to

  • Select which field to link to that matches the table you want to link from.

Once saved you will see the new field, there is an option to delete the field created in the app.

You cannot delete existing fields in the app, this has to be done in your datasource.

The link is also shown in the clients table.

Note that the field is not deletable from this table, it has to be done from the source creation.

Links can now be seen between the two tables.

Related lists are a great way to show additional information in your detail layout, without the user having to click onto a different table to view records.