📝 Edit Layout

Make your app visually appealing with our design mode

We've made it easy to organize and design layouts so that you can show your data to your users the way you want.

Enter Design Mode

You can enter design mode in any list, detail, or create page. To enter design mode click on 'edit layout' at the bottom of your app navigation.

Only admin users have access to edit the layout.

Please remember to 'save layout' after making changes to the layout.

To exit the design mode, click on the 'x' in the top right of the layout editor.

Types of Pages

There are three main types of pages:

List pages: Allow you to view multiple records at a time in a table, card, or Kanban view.

Detail pages: (or 'record pages') provide a detailed view of an individual record. This is the view you see when clicking into a record in a list page.

Create pages: Allow users to add new records using a form.

Page Features:

List Pages

  • Header

  • "Add New" button

  • Display options - card, table, row, Kanban

  • Filter and sort

Detail Pages

  • "Edit" button

  • Action buttons

  • Conditional visibility

  • Layout widgets - fields, highlights, banner, record list, embeds

  • Tabs & Activity

Create Pages

  • Fields

  • "Save" button

  • Conditional visibility