Detail Pages

Display more information on the detail pages

Whilst the List Pages displays snippets of information for your users, you can also design the detail layout of your records. Users clicking into a record from the list pages can view more information on the table.

Enter Design Mode

There are a few ways to edit the layout on your detail pages.

  1. Click on a table in your navigation.

  2. Click onto a record.

  3. Click the Edit Layout

You can also the access the different layouts by going to Settings Cog -> Settings -> Layouts on your navigation bar or going to App Settings -> Settings -> Layouts.

List Page Settings

  • Template - Choose how you want to display your overall layout

  • Profile Image - Select the image source for your profile picture

  • Page Buttons - Create buttons for your users to easily update information

  • Tabs - Create additional layouts and add comments in

Layout Widgets

  • Fields - Decide which fields you want to display in your layout

  • Highlights - Create easy at a glance information by highlighting fields

  • Banner - Display fixed content with a heading, description and add a button

  • Record List - Display a list of records from a linked table

  • Embed - Ad external forms and urls into your layout