List Pages

Show a list of records in table, card, or Kanban view.

List pages are a core part of Stacker and allow users to view a list of records in a table. Below is an example of a list of customers.

You can configure the settings for a list page when in design mode by clicking on 'edit layout' at the bottom of the navigation panel.

List Page Settings

  • Filters - which records are displayed

    • Filters can be used to limit the records that are displayed. This is the first option in the sidebar.

    • You can combine multiple conditions using AND logic, so that a particular record is only displayed if the record meets all of the criteria in the filter.

    • This will only affect which records are displayed on the list. This won't limit which records are accessible to users, this should be done via Permissions.

  • Sort - which order records are displayed

  • Header - header image, title, and description

  • Cover image - which field should be used as the image for each record in the list

  • Display - the style of list to use (table, card or one record only)

  • Roles - which user roles can access this page

  • Inline filters - allow end users to filter results

  • Charts - summarize data using charts

  • Fields - set which fields are shown in the layout

  • Title - the first field listed in the layout editor ("Name" in the example) is the one that appears as the record title.