Connecting a Google Sheet

Before connecting your Google Sheet to Stacker, it is necessary to check that it is formatted suitably. See instructions on this below:

Once you are confident your data is formatted suitably, follow this step by step guide to connect your Google Sheet to Stacker:

  1. Name your new data connection As you are able to connect multiple data sources to an app, we recommend that you name your data connection the same as the Sheet you are connecting so it is easier to manage.

  2. Connect to you Google account If you haven't already, log in to your Google account and then press 'Allow' to grant Stacker access to your Sheets.

  3. Select the Sheet you want to import Now your Google account is successfully connected, press 'Select Sheet' to view your Sheets and choose which one you want to connect to your app.

You may encounter an error when trying to connect to your Google Account if you have Third Party Cookies disabled. Read the article linked below to fix this.

Once your Sheet has been imported, there are some additional data configuration steps you should to take to get the most of out StackerX. See instructions below: