Connecting an Airtable Base

Follow this step by step guide to connect your Airtable base to Stacker:

  1. Prepare your Airtable Base We recommend that you check if your base is set up in the best way for use with Stacker before connecting. If you rely heavily on table views, you will have to recreate these in your app as only the table structure and content is imported, not the views configured.

  2. Name your new data connection As you are able to connect multiple Airtable bases to an app, we recommend that you name your data connection the same as the base that you are connecting so it is easier to manage.

  3. Enter your Airtable API Key Need help finding this? See instructions below.

  4. Enter your Airtable Base Sharing Link Need help finding this? See instructions below.

  5. Is your base password-protected?

    No worries - just click on the lock at the bottom and enter the password.

  6. Click 'Next' to complete the connection Once your data has been imported, click 'Done' and you will land in Setup Home, ready to configure your app.