Creating an App

This guide will show you how to create a new app.

  1. Open the 'Create a new app' Modal by pressing the '+' button on your app bar.

  2. First add a name for your app. This name will be used in the URL of your app.

    For example if your company was called Eventful and you named your app 'Employee Directory' then your app URL will be at Don't worry if you change your mind about your app name - you can update this later.

  3. Select an app icon and a theme color. The icon will define your app in your app bar and depending on your Workspace settings, the theme color will either set the navigation bar colour or the color of the current table.

  4. Choose who your app will be accessible to. If you select 'All Users' then everyone in your workspace will have immediate access. It may be best to select 'Only me' while you configure it if you wish to add permissions to what records your users can see. You can change your app sharing settings later (see instructions below).

Once you've created your app, you will see that you automatically get a User table in the navigation bar - this shows all workspace users that have access to this app. You can hide this table later in the Menu settings by toggling it off.

You can continue to set up your app by connecting a data source - see our guide below: