App Settings

You can access your app settings by clicking on the settings cog at the bottom of the app bar.


  • Rename your app (this renames the individual app and not the workspace)

  • Change the URL

  • Cache Frequency (data is updated every 15 mins from Airtable to the app)

  • Default table permissions

  • Collaboration (enable activity/comments)

Customer Access

Enable Customer Access to allow your customers to see and interact with data'

Linked Tables

Create links between different tables in your app.

Data Sources

  • Control your data sources

  • Add new data sources

  • Sync schema and data manually

  • Toggle on and off tables

  • Edit the name of the data source

  • Delete the data source


Configure roles for the app.

Configure navigation in the app.

  • Move menu items

  • Change the table names

  • Control what roles sees the tables

  • Enable and disable tables from navigation


Change the app icon and theme color