👤 Users

Stacker is built for you to confidently share your apps with colleagues, other teams from across your organisation, as well as partners and customers.

Users are defined on two different levels in Stacker - at the level of the workspace and at the level of each individual app.

Where an individual should have access to the Workspace, i.e. see the app bar and be able to switch between apps, you will invite them to be a Workspace User.

See more information on Workspace Users in the article below:

At the individual app level, Workspace Users will be assigned a Role which determines their level of access to that app in particular i.e. how they can interact with the data it contains and whether they can reconfigure that app's layout. Roles are also relevant for those who should not have access to the workspace but just a specific app e.g. a customer - see Customer Access for more information.

The Role a User is assigned for a particular app is not linked to the User Type they are assigned at the Workspace level.

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