Customer Access

Enable Customer Access to allow your customers to see and interact with data

Customer Access allows you to grant your customers access to a specific app in your Workspace where it would be inappropriate to add them as a Workspace User. It facilitates a single app experience only. Customers log in at an app-specific URL and see only the content of that app - they do not see the app bar or other apps contained within the Workspace. You can assign customers a particular Role as with Workspace Users.

Customer Access users are nominated from a table in your data source rather than being added directly in Stacker like Workspace Users. You must therefore make sure that your data source contains a column for their email addresses so that they can log in.

How to set up customer access:

1. Enable Customer Access

You can enable Customer Access by going to your app settings and navigating to the Customer Access tab.

Once you have clicked on 'Set up customer access' you can see that the 'enabled' toggle in the grey bar at the top has been switched on.

The URL link where customers will access the app is on the right of the toggle.

2. Add a Customer List

To add a customer list, just click on the '+ Add customer list' to set up your customer list.

Choose a list name and select the table your customer data is in.

Select the field the email addresses are stored in so that customers can log in to the app.

Each customer needs a unique email in order to appear in the customer list.

Advanced Section

In the Advanced section, you can set filters here so that only customers from the list that meet certain conditions can access as well as setting conditions for your user roles.

Users can only access if email has "company 1" in there

Set conditions on roles so that users with a certain role can access only if they meet the conditions set.

User with role "Manager 2" can only access if they meet the conditions set

If customers are not showing in your customer list, please confirm that there are no other customers or workspace users with that particular email address.

3. Test Customer Access By Previewing as Customers

Once you have set up the list, you can preview as a particular customer in by clicking on the settings cog and selecting 'Preview as...'.

You can switch between different previews on the top of the navigation bar.