Workspace Users

When inviting users to join your Workspace you must select which User Type they will be. There are two Workspace User Types:

  • Owner

  • Member

The difference between the two types is determined by the choices you make in the Advanced section of the Workspace Settings.

You can choose to allow either only Owners or both Owners and Members to:

  • Create apps

  • Invite users

  • Manage users - remove users or change their access levels

  • Have access to Billing

  • See Stacker Support

  • View Workspace Settings incl. the list of members and their access levels

  • Edit Workspace Settings incl. the name and appearance.

You cannot confer powers for the above to only Members and not Owners and in this sense, Owners are by default a higher level of access for the Workspace.

Owners can change their status to Member and lose Owner-level access.

See the linked article below for instructions on inviting Workspace Users: