🔐 Limit Data Access with Permissions

Access to data is controlled via permission rules in Stacker, permission rules determine the apps, tables, records and fields a user can interact with.

What are Permissions?

  • Permissions are used to limit a users access to data.

  • They can limit which records a user can read/edit/create.

  • Permissions can be based on a users role, and/or based on the records linked to them.

How do Permissions work?

  • Permissions can be enabled for each app, table and field.

  • If permissions are enabled, then access to the data in the table is granted by permission rules.

  • Permission rules can target specific user roles and users can match multiple rules.

Accessing Permissions

There are a couple of ways you can access the permissions for your table.

  1. Click on the settings cog and go to your App Settings, then select Permission for the table you would like limit access.

2. Highlight a table and click the settings cog and select permissions for that table.

Permissions will not be set enabled on app creation, you need to set permissions for each table.