Creating a Homepage

1. Add a homepage table in the base

In order to create a homepage, you need a table to work as the foundation. This table only needs a single record and only one field is required. In the example below, I've used a 'Welcome to' field. This will be used later as the page title.

Remember to run an Airtable update in your app and enabled the new field.

2. Add a Header

In the app, navigate to the homepage table. Open the layout editor and select 'Header'. Add a title, description and an image.

3. Set the 'display' type to 'one-record-only'

4. Add widgets to the homepage

Drag and drop widgets onto the page and customize the homepage to your preference.

Tips & tricks:

  • Use a highlight widget at the top of the page (using the 'welcome to' field).

  • Use banner widgets as text containers with additional information. These are easy to add/use since they don't require any fields. If you'd like to add additional links or resources, use banner buttons to link to pages within the app or external sites.

  • Use the embed widget to add maps, videos, and other features.

  • Display important records from other tables using record lists.

Final Touches

  • Toggle the 'edit' button off in layout editor > 'page buttons'.

  • In the layout editor > roles, make sure the homepage is configured to all access to 'all roles'.

  • Make sure all roles have permission to access 'all records' in the homepage table.

  • In Setup Home > Menu, make sure that the homepage appears at the top of the list.