Existing app to workspace

What to know before you convert your existing app to a workspace

Important Information before converting your app

The new release of Stacker comes with many exciting new features including multiple data sources and the ability to add workspace users and assign them access levels within each app. This is extremely powerful because your workspace users are no longer tied to one specific app, or even a single data source.

With Stacker workspaces, your user table is no longer limited to a pre-created table in Google Sheet or Airtable, your list of workspace users is independent of your data source and is contained directly in Stacker.

Due to these structural differences, when an existing app is converted to a workspace app, your app will no longer have an assigned 'user table' (currently found in Setup Home > User Settings and Setup Home > Users). As a result, a portion of your current configuration can not be carried over into Stacker workspace upon conversion.

⚠️ Configuration that will not be converted:

  • User-based permissions

  • User Roles configuration

  • User-based visibility filters

  • User registration and login data

⚠️ Features that will not be available in Stacker workspace:

  • Sharing links

  • Welcome emails

IMPORTANT: Once your app is converted, we are unable to restore the previous configuration of your app.

While there are many exciting benefits of switching your app to new version of Stacker. There are some very important factors you need to consider before making the switch. Please review the following:

  • The transition may cause a temporary interruption in access to the app

  • The previous version of your app will no longer exist or be accessible at the previous URL

  • The URLs within your app will be updated and therefore links to those pages will no longer work

  • Workspace users will need to be manually added and assigned access (we do not have a bulk import feature at the moment)

  • Users will need to be re-invited to the app - previous registration data will be lost

  • Sharing links and welcome emails will no longer be available

  • Roles and roles-based settings will need to be reconfigured

  • Permissions and visibility filters will need to be reset

If you have read the information above and are ready to move forward with the conversion, please let Stacker support know that you are ready to make the switch to Stacker workspaces.